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Launching of New Nandini Milk Products to market


Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) is the second largest Co-operative Milk Producer’s Federation in the country with a procurement of 76 lakh liters of milk daily per day from the farmers of Karnataka state and making payment of Rs. 20 crores daily to state dairy farmers. 

KMF’s Nandini brand comprises high quality milk of various types to satisfy customer needs such as long-lasting Good life milk, Curd, Buttermilk, Ghee, Butter, Instant Payasa mix, Badam Milk Powder, Paneer, different flavours of Lassi and Flavored Milk, Ice-creams and sweet products like Peda, Dharwad Peda, Elachi Peda, Kesar Peda, Mysore Pak, Cashew Burfi, Chocolate Burfi, Badam Burfi, Dry-Fruits Burfi, Kunda, Jamoon, Rasagulla, Millet Ladoo, Millet Milk Powder, cookies and many more milk products which have been provided to the customers from the past 40 years.

Presently, some more new milk products are adding to brand nandini. Below new products are introduced to market by KMF on 16.01.2020.

1)       Nandini Cheese – Processed cheese block and cubes, Mozzarella, Slices

2)       Nandini Desi Milk

3)       Nandini Cream

4)       Variety of Natural fruit ice-creams in 125 ml and 750 ml Tubs

a)       Jackfruit

b)       Strawberry

c)       Mango

d)       Custard Apple

e)       Pink Guava

f)        Litchi

g)       Chikoo

h)       Tender coconut

i)         Spicy mango

5)       Vanilla Pastry Milk ice-cream.

6)       Greek Yoghurt in 100gm cup

a)       Mango

b)       Honey banana

c)       Blueberry

7)       Milk Rusk 

All the above new Nandini milk products was launched by Shri. B.S. Yediyurappa, Chief Minister of Karnataka on January 16, 2020 at 12 pm at ITC Windsor Manor, Bangalore. Shri. Basavaraj Bommai, Minister of Home Affairs and Cooperation, GOK, Shri. Prabhu  B. Chauhan, Minister of Animal Husbandry, Minority Welfare of Karnataka and Minister in-charge of Bidar GOK, Shri. Balachandra L Jarkiholi, Chairman KMF, Shri.B. C. Sateesh, MD KMF  and other board members of KMF were present during the occasion.


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