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Release of New Nandini Ayurvedic based milk and Millet products to market


Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) is popularly known for its affordable range of Milk and Milk products under the brand “Nandini” serving to consumers with high quality milk products from the past 40 years.

Presently Corona virus is spreading rapidly among the community and there is no specific medicine for this infection and people are moving towards Ayruvedic formulations to boost up their immune system. Considering the present Covid-19 situtation KMF already released Turmeric Milk in Nandini brand which is rich in antioxidants with antibacterial qualities and we got very good feedback and demand for Nandini Turmeric milk from our customers.

Now to reach all the customers and considering their demand, another 5 variants of Nandini Ayruvedic based milk and also nutritive and healthy Milk and Millet based food products are released to market on 30/07/2020 at KMF central office by the Hon’ble Chairman Shri.  Balachandra L Jarkiholi, Board members of KMF, Shri B.C. Sathish K.C.S Managing Director of KMF and other senior officers of KMF were also present.

List of New products released ;

1.      Nandini Tulasi Milk

2.      Nandini Ashwagandha  Milk

3.      Nandini Pepper Milk

4.      Nandini  Clove  Milk

5.      Nandini Ginger Milk

6.      Nandini Millet Khara Pongal

7.      Nandini Millet Sweet Pongal

8.      Nandini Millet Payasa

The MRP of the new ayruvedic based drink is Rs. 25/- as an introductory offer it is offering at Rs.20/- per bottle of milk.


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