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Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation Limited (KMF) is the Apex Body for the dairy co-operative movement  in Karnataka. It is the second largest dairy co-operative amongst the dairy cooperatives in the country. In South India it stands first in terms of procurement as well as sales. One of the core functions of the Federation is marketing of Milk and Milk Products. The Brand "Nandini" is the household name for Pure and Fresh milk and milk products. KMF has 14 Milk Unions covering all the districts of  the State which procure milk from Primary Dairy Cooperative Societies(DCS) and distribute milk to the consumers in various Towns/Cities/Rural markets in Karnataka. 

Karnataka Dairy Development Cooperation(KDDC), the first ever World Bank/ International Development Agency funded Dairy Development Program in the country started in Karnataka on co-operative lines with the organisation of Village Level Dairy Co-operatives in 1974. The AMUL pattern of dairy co-operatives started functioning in Karnataka from 1974-75 with the financial assistance from World Bank/IDA, Operation Flood II & III. The Anand Pattern three tier organisation structure – Dairy Cooperative Societies at the village level, District Milk Unions at the District level to take care of the procurement, processing and marketing of milk and provide technical input services for enhancing milk production at producers level  and Federation at the state level to co-ordinate the growth of the sector in the State, are resolutely and harmoniously working hand-in-hand in creating self-sustaining rural economy based on cooperative dairying. KMF is one of the few federations in the country, who have converted dairying from a subsidiary occupation into an industry.

Coordination of activities among the Unions and developing market for Milk and Milk products is the responsibility of KMF. Marketing Milk in the respective jurisdiction is organized by the respective Milk Unions. Surplus/deficit of liquid milk among the member Milk Unions is monitored by the Federation. While the marketing of all the Milk Products is organized by KMF, both within and outside the State, all the Milk and Milk products are sold under a common brand name NANDINI.

The Federation is striving to create a self-reliant and vibrant rural economy in Karnataka by providing a supportive and conducive environment for the growth of Dairy Cooperatives as autonomous economic and social institutions. The Federation is largely successful in realizing the objectives of dairying during the last four decades of dairy development in Karnataka State. It is by-and-large successful in providing a viable subsidiary occupation to unemployed rural poor so as to raise their income earning capacities and to supply adequate quantity of quality milk at reasonable prices to urban consumers.

The results of effective dairy development by KMF have made far-reaching and extensive impact on rural landscape in Karnataka. The best remunerative milk purchase price to farmers, efficient and timely input services, delivered at the door-steps to farmers, such as, unfailing veterinary health services to any remote village, quality artificial insemination for breed improvements, supply of balance cattle feed at less than the market price, etc., have made the farmers to increasingly patronize their cooperative. The extent of patronization by farmers is so complete, that dominant share of marketable surplus milk of farmers in Karnataka is procured by KMF dairies and hardly there is any organized private dairy milk procurement, which is widely prevalent in other parts of the country.

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2021-2022(upto October'21)

Dairy Co-operatives

















DCS Registered
DCS Functioning Nos   13517 14256 14512 14493 14864 14914
Women DCS Registered Nos   3919 4122 4122 4239 4547 4623
Women DCS Functioning Nos   3549 3743 3777 3868 4079 4202
STEP Registered Nos   2274 2374 2374 2474 2585  
STEP Functioning Nos   2088 2199 2199 2299 2375 2735
Membership  Nos 37000 23.54 Lakhs 24.60 Lakhs 24.74 Lakhs 24.75 Lakhs 25.71 Lakhs 25.78 Lakhs
Ann.Avg. Milk Procurement LKPD 0.50 65.51 70.81 74.80 75.61 78.73 84.84
Peak Procurement LKPD   72.84 (July'16) 77.63 (June'17) 84.44 (June'18)   84.44(June'18)     88.30(July'20)        90.62(July'21)
Avg.Milk Sales LLPD 95050 33.32 34.72 35.47 35.57 35.59 36.27
Avg.Curd sales LKPD   4.09 4.39 6.28 6.18 5.14 5.52
Avg.Good life sales LLPD   4.03 5.02 5.28 6.01 6.80 6.27
Daily Payment to Farmers Rs.Crores 0.09 16 18.22 18.28 18.12 21.41 23.77
TotalTurnover(KMF & Unions) Rs.Crores 8.82 13133 13550 14522 16150



1 Establishment of 100 MTPD New Mega Milk Powder Plant with an approximate outlay of Rs. 300 crores in Kannamangala Village , Channapatna Taluk, Ramanagara District is envisaged, to meet surplus milk conversion requirement of southern part of Karnataka
2 Koppala Dairy with 60-100 TLPD capacity expandable to 8 LLPD at an estimated cost of Rs.38 Crores
3 Mega Dairy at Mysuru 6 LLPD capacity expandable to 8 LLPD at an estimated cost of Rs.124 Crores
4 New 3 LLPD to 5 LLPD capacity Dairy and 2 LLPD UHT Plant at Chamarajanagara at an estimated cost of Rs.125 Crores
5 Chikkaballapura Dairy with UHT Plant at an estimated cost of Rs. 100 Crores
6 Establishment of new dairy at Bagalkot with a capacity of 50 TLPD -1 LLPD at an estimated cost of Rs.29 Crores
7 Uppoor Dairy of capacity 1.5 – 2 LLPD at Udupi District. Rs – 80 Crores
8 Establishment of new mega dairy and Milk products plant at Kanakapura – Rs.447 Crores
9 Establishment of Milk Powder Plant of 30 MTPD capacity at Dharwad at a cost of Rs. 27 crores
10 Mega Dairy at Mandya with capacity of 8 to 12 LLPD at an estimated cost of Rs. 180 Crores
11 Construction of  Quarters at KMF Central Office Premises  at an estimated cost of Rs.8 Crores

Projects Under PPP :

a) Establishment of Deep Freezers  at Chellaghatta an approximate cost of Rs.12 Crores

b) Establishment of 300 MTPD New Cattle feed plant at Arakalagoodu at an estimated cost of Rs. 78 Crores


Establishment of New Dairy at Davanagere for SHIMUL of capacity 3LLPD to 5LLPD at a estimated cost of Rs.85 Crores

14 Construction of Bull mother farm development at Nandini Sperm Satation,Hessaraghatta,at an estimated cost of Rs.4 Crores

Establishment of New 300MT capacity Cattle Feed Plant at Dharwad at an estimated cost of Rs.23 Crores

16 New Product Plant  at Shivamogga dairy at an estimated cost of Rs. 25 Crores

Projects Under PPP :

a) Establishment of Corrugated Box Manufacturing Unit at Challaghatta at an approximate cost of Rs.25 Crores

b) New Nandini Packaging Film Plant at an approximate cost of Rs.80 Crores

2 3 LLPD to 5 LLPD Capacity Dairy at Davanagere at an estimated cost of Rs. 85 Crores


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