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Kolar District Co-operative Milk Producers' Societies' Union Limited.

Kolar -  The‘Silk Land' is now a‘Milk Land'.

This union became autonomous in 1987 and has now more than 1731 DCSs covering 11 taluks.

Innovations here include,

a. Ultra High Temperature' treatment adopted for ‘Good life' a 90 days shelf life Product without refrigeration

b. Smart & Slim' Low fat, vitamins rich milk for health conscious sectors.

c. Flavoured drinking yoghurt.

d. Ghee in Pearlpet jars.

e. Cheese plant.

f. Makes Masti Dahi for Amul.

It has chilling centers at Chintamani-100 TLPD,Sadali-100 TLPD and Gowribidanur-100 TLPD .Total chilling capacity 300 TLPD. There are Bulk Milk Coolers-156, Automatic Milk Collection-550 and community milking parlor-74 in the union

The union procures on an AVG 8.51  lakh kg/day of milk and sales 2.75 lakh litres/per day.

Speciality of the Union: First Union to launch‘Goodlife’milk in Tetra Fino package, flavoured drinking yoghurt, ghee in pearlpet jars,‘Masti Dahi’ and to adopt community milking system, clean milk production as brand ambassador. Obtained primacy by having a first elected woman Director on the Board.

The Kolar District Co-operative Milk Producers' Societies' Union Limited.

Kolar Dairy, NH-4, Huthur Post, KOLAR - 563 102. Karnataka
Phone: 08152-210021 /   210510
Fax: 08152-210480
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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