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KMF Achievements

  • State entirely covered by Cooperative Dairy Development.
  • Elected boards are in position in all the District Milk Unions and Federation.
  • Lowest price spread between procurement price and sale price. Due to efficiency of operations in the Federation and Unions, more than 75% of the consumer rupee is passed on to producers.
  • More than 97% of the Dairy Cooperative Societies (DCS) are earning profit.
  • Extensive coverage of cross-breeding programs has catapulted the state to become one of the few pioneering states in cross-breeding in the country.
  • Empowering Producers for Rural Prosperity
  • Overwhelming majority of the beneficiaries of Cooperative Dairy Development programs in the State belong to vulnerable section in villages: Total membership of 24.36 lakh covers around 4.34 lakh (20%) landless laborers, 9.01 lakhs(40%) small farmers, 7.11 lakhs(32%) marginal farmers and 3.90 lakhs(18%) others. Of the total membership, 8.66 Lakh (39%) are women members and 3.94 Lakh (18%) belong to SC/ST groups.
  • The State Government has magnanimously increased the incentive, being paid for every litre of milk supplied by farmers to Dairy Cooperatives in the state, from Rs. 4 to Rs. 5. This ground breaking support program, implemented nowhere else in the country, is acting as a remarkable growth stimulus for the cooperative dairy sector in the state.
  • Farmers have earned over Rs.134.25(Nov'17)crores over the last 40 years.
  • At present, an average daily payment of around Rs. 19 Crores is paid to milk producers.
  • Implementation of ‘Yashaswini Health Insurance Scheme’, to benefit farmer families of Dairy Cooperatives.
  • Majority of our member milk producers are small farmers, marginal farmers and landless laborers, who need hand-holding in their critical times of distress. KMF is implementing several financial assistance programs of GOK, some of which are: Establishment of 1000 Dairy Cooperative Societies in North Karnataka; Implementation of Nanjundappa report for overcoming regional imbalances; Equity contribution for loan repayment of Northern Milk Unions; Amrutha Yojane for Devadashis and widows Rs. 750 lakhs, SC women (Special Component program) Rs. 289 lakhs, and ST women (Tribal Sub plan) Rs. 289 lakhs
  • Karnataka Milk Federation is also successfully implementing Central Government Schemes, such as Clean Milk Production Program, RKVY and National Programme for Dairy Development(NPDD) in Kalaburgi, Yadagir and Bidar Districts
  • Rs. 10 Crores sanctioned in RKVY 2015-16 for the development of Bidar district as Milk Shed Area. Under this scheme programs such as animal induction, strengthening of artificial insemination, strengthening of marketing activities are under implementation
  • ‘Nandini Dairy Farmers Welfare Trust’ Hostel has been established in the Bengaluru city for the benefit of farmers’ children at the cost of Rs. 12.96 crores and is now serving around 252 girls and 246 , who are pursuing higher education in the City.
  • Strengthening training facilities - The KMF is making great efforts to ensure that DCS operate as profitable business units and producer members play active role in the management of their DCS. Determined efforts are being made continually to build the capacities of our member producers by making large investments in member education and training. KMF is developing its training facilities into state-of-the-art facilities and has conducted many need-based training programs to farmers. Conducted many programs on Dairy animal management, First-aid, Aritificial insemination, Clean milk production, and other HRD programs.
  • Input Support to Producers
  • Cattle Feed Production and Sales - Supply of balanced cattle feed in sufficient quantity at reasonable price is very essential for boosting milk production in the State. During 2015-16, KMF has supplied 5,07,851 MTs of Cattle feed, which is 16% higher than the 4,37,008 MTs sold during 2014-15.
  • The four Cattle Feed Plants of the Federation have excelled in productivity by capacity utilization of more than 120%, so as to meet the ever increasing demand for NANDINI cattle feed from producers. All the Cattle feed plants are ISO 9001:2008 certified for producing quality cattle feed.
  • In order to meet the increasing demand for NANDINI cattle feed, new 300 MTD (MTs per Day) each Cattle Feed Unit have been commissioned at Hassan and Shikaripur.
  • The capacity of Dharwar Cattle Feed plant has been expanded from 150 MTD to 200 MTD.
  • KMF is the first Federation in the country to introduce Area-specific Mineral Mixtures, under the technical guidance of NIANP. Now, this concept has become very popular across the country.
  • Established Mineral Mixture Plants in Gubbi, Dharwar and Hassan Cattle Feed Plants.
  • Fodder Densification Units - In the present days of increasing manufacturing cost of cattle feeds, the profitability of dairying to farmers is getting constantly eroded. Hence, effective utilization of locally available roughages is a promising solution to increase farmers' profitability in milk production. KMF has initiated ambitious program to commission Fodder Densification Units in the state. In these units, locally available poor quality roughages are converted into nutritive fodder blocks for feeding to cattle. The production of these blocks result in preventing wastage of roughages, increased nutritive value, year-long availability of fodder and reduced transportation costs due to reduction in bulk. Fodder Densification Units are present at Chamarajanagar, Haveri and DK unit at Hassan each with a capacity of 12 MTD
  • Constructed 2500 MT and 5000 MT capacity Cattle Feed raw materials storage godowns in Gubbi and Dharwar Cattle Feed Plants respectively.
  • To increase the milk productivity in cattle, other steps that have been taken are: Increasing the AI coverage and reach; Biosecurity measures to ensure quality genetic materials; establishing disease free zones for the elimination of diseases such as Foot & Mouth, Brucellosis, etc.
  • The overwhelming success of AI programs in the State is due to superior quality Semen Straws, being produced in the Nandini Sperm Station of the Federation. This Station has been recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, GOI, as the 2nd Best A Grade Station in the Country and this station is also certified for ISO 9001:2008.
  • Nandini Gold Cattle Feed was introduced, a nutritious high energy feed for cattle where the maize content is 45%
  • Processing Excellence for Quality and Cost Competitiveness
  • Bengaluru Milk Union, Mother Dairy, DK Milk Union and Tumakuru Milk Unions have been certified for ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management Systems). Kolar and Mysuru Milk Unions have been certified for ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems). Other Unions are in the process of implementing ISO 22000.
  • Mother Dairy has been certified for exports by EIA.
  • Cost competitiveness is critical to ensure that our producer members receive the highest possible share of the consumer rupee. In order to achieve cost competitiveness, Total Energy Management Programs are being implemented by the Unions of KMF during the last several years. Unions & units of KMF have won many national and state awards for the Energy Efficiency in dairy sector.
  • The Unions and Units of KMF have also won many Productivity Awards from GOI.
  • Implemented “Quality Excellence from Cow to Consumers”, under which many best practices in quality have been implemented at all stages of procurement, processing and marketing. The Unions of the Federation have 1020 BMCs, 5711 AMCUs and 92 Community Milking Parlors.
  • The Federation is creating necessary milk processing facilities to enhance the existing processing capacities, new processing plants and other infrastructure from time to time in the state
  • Fully-automated State-of-the-art technology Mega dairy, has been commissioned with installed capacity of 6 LLPD which is now expanded to 10 LLPD
  • The milk processing capacity of Mother Dairy in Bengaluru has been expanded from 4 LLPD to 7 LLPD, with an outlay of Rs. 35 crores. Milk powder plant, with a capacity of 30 MTD, has been established in Mother Dairy, with an outlay of Rs. 22 crores.
  • Fully automated Channarayapatna Hi-tec Product plant has been established with 60 MT capacity powder plant and 1 LLPD capacity UHT plant. 
  • The existing Ice-cream plant in Bengaluru is expanded to 10000 LPD in addition to 10000 LPD at Ballari ICe Cream Plant 
  • A new Flexi pack unit at DK is established and it has started production 
  • Profitable Disposal of Farmers’ Produce – Milk
  • KMF is making all out efforts in market development and is successful in garnering a significant market share of over 65% in liquid milk, which is considered to be highest by a cooperative brand in any city. KMF is marketing over 34.66 LLPD of milk at present.
  • KMF is also the market leader is selling curds (dahi) to the tune of 6.00LKPD (Lakh kgs per day), which is highest by any organization in the country.
  • The demand for value added dairy products is likely to increase with fast changing lifestyles of the people and rapid urbanization. Nandini has introduced an extensive range of milk products in the market and several new milk products, such as Yoghurt in various flavors, Cheddar Cheese and Process cheese, Chocolates, Kunda in long life flexible retort pack, UHT Cream, Sugar free sweets, etc. have been introduced. Now, NANDINI has wide range of milk and milk products catering to the diverse needs of consumers – 66 milk and milk products in 246 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units).
  • Leader in the country in the sale of Tetra-fino UHT milk.
  • In order to improve marketing of milk and milk products, for profitable disposal of milk, many proactive market initiatives have been taken, viz New sales Depot at strategic locations in & outside the state, all NMP products in new packs, introduction of new value added products, direct export of milk products etc.
  • Dividend of Rs. 1.68 Crores and bonus of Rs.1.38 Crores for the period 2014-15 have been distributed by KMF, out of its profit, to its Member Unions.
  • About 17,680 MTs of NANDINI ghee has been supplied during 2001 to 2015(upto Aug'15) to Tirumala Tirupati Devastanams.
  • KMF has exported SMP, Butter and Indigenous Sweets to countries, such as, USA, Singapore, Thailand, Phillipines, Nepal, Bangladesh, Oman, Madagaskar, Burma, etc.
  • NANDINI SMP is being distributed to Anganwadis in the state under Nutrition Programs of the State Government and School Milk Program is also under active consideration of the State Government.
  • KsheeraBhagya, an innovative and prestigious program of distributing milk to school and Anganwadi children was launched by the Karnataka Government through KMF where more than 1 crore children are nutritionally benefitted
  • Goodlife milk supply to Indian Army including highest altitude border security points
  • NANDINI has received the prestigious “Most Trusted Brand” award.


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